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A JSON Schema is crucial for making communication, interoperability, validation, testing, documentation, and specification seamless. The traditional standard JSON Schema rigorously follows the conventional JSON structure, which unfortunately comes at the expense of simplicity, conciseness, and readability. 

Our goal is to develop a new JSON Schema that promotes these essential aspects that were previously missing. This new schema is simple, lucid, easy to grasp, and doesn't require much prior knowledge to understand it. It also offers a shallow learning curve for both reading and writing. Furthermore, its inherent extensibility simplifies the process of integrating new constraints and functionalities to meet the diverse requirements of modern web services. 

This project is open source and the source code is available on GitHub. For a comprehensive details of this initiative, please refer to the associated the page - JSchema - The Customizable JSON Schema. This page contains the required information and insights that will provide a detailed overview of this initiative and its objective.